Awaken your feminine power and experience the life you were born to live!

Let’s tap into your own divinity, your dormant superpowers and come into wholeness, to unleash your full potential.

We are in an incredible era, where women are taking charge of their own lives and making a change in the world no matter how big or small. Irrespective of man or woman, as a human being it is our responsibility to support, empower and embrace the divine feminine within us and others to allow her to make decisions that help her create magic, rise up and enrich our lives. 

Are you

Feeling there is more to life?
Feeling you have a gift but not sure how to embrace it?
Or share it?
Afraid of speaking your truth?
Feeling disconnected from your own body?
From your own sexuality?
Wanting to experience sensual joy?
Feeling the lack of intimacy?
Or do you wish you were more creative?
And in a nicer flow in life?

Do you want to…

Learn how to attract the love you deserve
Unleash the hidden power of your seductress & wild woman
Tune into your natural intuitive abilities
Become more courageous and confident in expressing yourself
And don’t need to apologise for being 100% yourself!


1 on 1 Soul Guidance Session

Have you got an issues right now and need guidance for clarity & direction? Let’s explore this together and release you from dis-ease and in to a place of peace.

Heart Connection, Inner Dance & Bodywork

I offer a range of heart connecting and soul awakening practice that will leave you in a space of bliss & joy.

Workshops & Retreats

Want to connect with me in person? View my upcoming events, workshops & retreats around the world.

Work with me

Let’s have fun together, while we explore your natural abilities, passions, obstacles and help you breakthrough into your power, strength and wisdom. I’ll help you gain real tools you need no matter what you do in life to stay focused on your path of self discovery and freedom.

Who is Jacqueline?

Jacqueline has been on her spiritual journey for the past 7 years and has completed her training in Inner Dance Facilitation, Thailand in 2017. Know as the Goddess of Action, Jacqueline is a spiritual medium, who channels the divine and has been holding space in transformational retreats, full moon ceremonies, feminine embodiment rituals and conducts intuitive energy healing, psychic surgery, oracle cards reading and DNA codes activations.

The Return of the Divine Feminine

Wisdom shares

Join my inner circle as I share my tips, tools and personal stories to help you connect deeper on your path to divinity.

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